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Everyone should have access to the future of money


We believe that everyone deserves an equal chance at financial success.

If we look back at the beginning of our experience as investors in crypto currency, we had a hard time, due to all of the challenges in an unknown investment environment, The lack of reliable information, the uncertainty, the volatility of the market, and our close-to-zero experience were some of the hurdles that we overcame.

We started to make investors’ lives easier. Through our secure and innovative platform we provide a solution to get into the crypto market without having to go through a long learning process. And now that we’ve bolstered our team with experience, we offer a proven strategy designed to help you invest in crypto more wisely, without any added hassle.

We build a custom portfolio based on your preferred risk profile. As prices move, our engine adjusts your portfolio to ensure it remains balanced and in line with your risk profile.

We are in this together and hence will only charge you when your investment grows. No hidden fees, no recurring costs.

Our website is designed to provide you with a clear and simple overview of your investment at any time.

Diversified Portfolio

Diversifying your assets across various subclasses is key to mitigating risk. Put more simply, we create a custom cryptocurrency portfolio that suits your needs while minimizing risk.

Secured Profits

We guarantee steady return on investent plus capital. When you hit your target profit, we will both notify you immediately and secure those profits for your withdrawal.

You don't need to be an expert to build your cryptocurrency portfolio and digital wealth.



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By investing in Alpha Plus Investment, you receive profit by deposits, including through the successful trading of our robots. However, having fulfilled certain conditions for the structure turnover and personal deposit, you can also expect to receive a personal licensed copy of our company's trading robot. Details can be found in the investor's personal account.


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Alpha Plus Investment is an international company that operates in the field of investment and exchange of funds.